Wednesdays have very quickly become my favorite days of the weeks. On Wednesdays I have created a tradition. I drag myself to Honors, I talk with people I love about things I love and I come home happier than I thought I could; and after a brief resting period I head to Business. Business, however, remains a waste of time. Usually I drown out my professor’s voice reading off of someone else’s lecture slide with the newest music I’ve come across, or I sit and write what I can. But post-bore I head to pick up a light-iced-vanilla-latte and something sweet (this part of the tradition will not hold up much longer I’m afraid, it’s amazing how quickly money flies away up here). I take my treats to the river that runs through campus, and sit on a stone wall right by the waters edge. I work on math or read or simply enjoy nature while I wait for my final class. I cannot explain in words how beautiful it is here at this time. The sun is touching the water in such a way that sparks something in my heart and gives me butterflies deep in my gut. The leaves shiver in the breath of the breeze. This is a place where you cannot feel hate or despair or lust. This is a place where no evil touches the ground and the sky seems endlessly blue and wonderful. I am here now and I cannot believe that places like this exist so simply. It is so pure, so safe. Soon I will head to class and the sun will set over the beauty here, but this feeling will last and I will hold on to it for as long as life lets me. Today is a good day and today I am thankful – for this life I live, for the people in it, for every day I get. I thank God when I can and I hope he understands how appreciative I am, even when I forget to express it. The world is a wonderful place, and wow, am I one lucky girl to be here now.


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